Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History!


So far, this summer seems like it will never end.  Which is a great thing, because starting in August, I will be in my senior year of college at Saint Martin’s University.  While I am looking forward to finishing up, I am also very nervous and stressed.  Thankfully, I have a great support system at home that helps me through all the tough times.  After I finish my senior year with my degrees in Special education and Elementary education, I am considering doing “Teach for America.”  It is a program similar to the Americorps, but it’s for those who have a bachelors’ degree and want to be teachers.  You put in a request for where you want to teach, they train you, then you are sent off to teach in an impoverished area.  I am very much looking forward to being a part of Teach for America and will continue to research the program.  Summer is awesome, because it allows me to look up opportunities I don’t have time to look up during the school year.  



Viral Respiratory Infection.  I am down and out for the week/weekend. Remember to keep healthy by getting lots of rest, eating well, and washing your hands.  Don’t worry, I’ve quarantined myself in my house so one less person to get sick from lol.  One great thing about being sick is that you can eat tons of Popsicles and they only make you feel better. 🙂

The worst thing about being sick? …being sick lol. Hope everyone out there stays safe and healthy!



Long Time No Blog

WOW!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on here!  The stress of school, personal issues, and …well…school lol have fried my brain.  I am sure others out there can relate to the stress of the last month of school and of finals week.  My school (Saint Martin’s University) semester ends the first week in May, so finals are right around the corner.  It amazes me how time flies by when you need it the most.  One really important thing I’ve learned over the past two weeks is to never accept less than you are worth.  Meaning, do not lower your standards for somebody that does not deserve you.  This isn’t a snotty attitude, it is healthy to have self-respect and to be able to stand up for your core values and beliefs.  It is so easy to lose oneself when life is a tornado surrounding us, but we must stay grounded and true to ourselves in order to survive storms.  Remember to love, respect, and honor yourself.  By doing so, you will love, respect, and honor those around you. 

New almost finished project

New almost finished project

I finally had time to work on a new drawing and I am loving it so far! 🙂

Spring Break!!! So close……

Spring Break starts on Friday the 8th and I cannot wait!!! My fellow peers and I only have to make it through Friday and then we can buy little buttons that say “WE SURVIVED”!! Okay…maybe that is a little eccentric, but making it through midterms should be something we are all proud of.  This week can make or break you. Or…..it can break you and then SPRING BREAK can make you! 🙂  I am thrilled to only have 3 midterms considering I am taking 6 classes.  One is a group test (Hallelujah), one is a paper, and the other I already turned it!! Life is looking good and I hope that everyone sticks this week out and has the most fabulous, relaxing, and joyous spring break ever!! 🙂 

Vegetable Pastry

856820_10200682279445120_1603192550_oMade by me, myself, and I

Insanity Week

This week is going to be absolute madness!  I guess midterms are happening this month (found that out approximately 4 days ago).  I don’t know why labeling them “mid-terms” seems so much more intimidating then an other assignment I have to do.  Probably seems more ominous, because of all the hype the teachers over my school years have made about them.  For anyone else who is nervous about midterms, remember, they are not as frightening as we would all like to believe. 😉  Just like any other assignment, it’s worth points, you must do it, and it must be turned in. 🙂